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Reasons Ravi shouldn’t do aegyo

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 Taecyeon being 100% done with Hwang Chansung at Okcat Xmas Event
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Fulfilling a TaecChan request that I’m guessing we got a while ago >__< I’m sorry I will post some right now!

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Come and say hello to the lovely Mod V!

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Want to join the awesome Lots Of Kpop Gifs team?  Admin Rox and I are looking to add around 3-5 new mods to help keep this blog running! Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • around an hour a week to spend on this blog finding posts
  • mods would have to queue 10-20 posts a week minimum
  • mods don’t have to know how to make gifs, just how to reblog them!
  • mods have to become familiar with our tagging system!

If you’re interested - and serious -  send us a message!

Still looking for a few more mods!